How Texting Affects Your Well-Being –

As we go through life, it is so clear how engrossed in texting that the world is. Everyone seems to be on their phone constantly and whether that means they are texting or not, the truth is that phones are so important in modern life. However, studies are showing that too much screen time and texting is actually bad for the health of individuals. It is bad for your eyes and you actually start to become reliant on your texting habits.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social mobile communication has become a norm in our current civilization and has made impacts from the bedroom to the boardroom.
  • People rationalize that texting is simpler and easier than talking. So, they reason: why talk when you can text?
  • People have grown to over-rely on social media that many can be walking and texting. But this over-reliance has both emotional and social impacts.

“As you might imagine, problems arise when texting becomes a person´s primary (or sole) method of communication. But there are other problems as well—impacting users both mentally and physically.”

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